Books within Borders


  1. Chekhov and the Power to be Moved: Part 1
  2. The Power to be Moved: Part 2
  3. The Pregnant Widow: Vladimir Sharov – Before and During
  4. Heavy Handed: Oleg Kashin – Fardwor Russia!
  5. The Kids Are Alright: Fyodor Dostoevsky – The Adolescent
  6. The Insider: Oleg Zaionchkovsky – Happiness is Possible
  7. Time to Move On: Ivan Chistyakov – The Diary of Gulag Prison Guard
  8. Rote Behaviour: Oleg Pavlov’s Trilogy of Novels
  9. Building the nest: Ivan Turgenev – The Nest of the Gentry
  10. In Need of a Hero: Mikhail Lermontov – A Hero of Our Time

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